The Final Harvest

5-18-17 sunflowerNo matter how much we’d like to hang on to these beautiful times forever, this week marks the end of a season… for both our garden and for the children in our preschool.

Next week, the carrots, tomatoes, and lettuce will have been picked, eaten and enjoyed. Soon after, we’ll turn the soil and get ready to plant again in the Fall. Similarly, our children have enjoyed the school year, but they’ll be moving on too. Our wonderful teachers will get a well deserved rest and then they will begin to prepare for the next ‘crop’ of children in September.


5-17-17 carrots and tomatoesI sat for a bit in the garden this morning admiring nature’s beauty but feeling melancholy. There will be no more beautiful flowers and vegetables for awhile, nor will there be laughter and music and singing echoing out of the classrooms and into the garden.

Time marches on…


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Eccl 3:1

Enjoy the summer and blessings to every one of our wonderful children!



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